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Article Amendments

If a change to the details in the Articles of Incorporation, or if Articles of Organization is necessary, an Amendment of Articles can be filed. For example, you can modify a company name, authorized share amount, purpose, or their value (only for corporations).

Business License and Annual Report

Every year, all companies must file for an Annual State business license as per the State of Wyoming’s mandate. One year after incorporation, the initial annual report must be completed.

Certificate of Good Standing

The Wyoming Certificate of Good Standing, sometimes referred to as a Certificate of Existence, is a document issued by the Secretary of State that acknowledges the legal existence of your business and verifies that, as far as the state is concerned, the company is in good standing. For $89 plus the state fee, we can obtain this for you.

Corporate & LLC Kit

If you want your Company Minutes organized efficiently, our Corporate & LLC Kit can be useful. We file all Company Minutes, sealed in a kit that is sent to you. You can be sure your documentation is correctly filed and organized with it.


If you file for dissolution after shutting down your company, this will officially bring the life of your corporation to an end.

EIN Help

Each company needs an EIN, a tax ID issued by the IRS. We recommend getting your EIN when you incorporate your company.

Foreign Qualification

If you want to expand your current business from another state into Wyoming, you’ll need to do it via a Registration of Foreign Company. You might choose to do so if a new office of yours is being opened in adifferent state; or if you’re transferring a new employee into your company that originates from another state.

Minutes of the Company

Minutes of the Company must be managed by all corporations, which can take a while to complete.

Registered Agent

A registered agent is an independent party registered in the same state where a business was founded. They are in charge of acquiring Secretary of State correspondence, service of process notices, and other official government documents (which usually includes tax forms and lawsuit notices), that represent the corporation or LLC.


If you plan to keep your business operating but your company obtained a ‘Revoked’ status, you’ll need to file a Reinstatement of Corporation or LLC and pay all fees and penalties owing.

S Status Election

An “S Corporation” is taxed as per the IRS’ Subchapter S code and acquires IRS approval when Subchapter S status is requested. As a legal entity (an individual that doesn’t exist), the S corporation is separate and distinct from the corporation’s shareholders. Based on Wyoming incorporation law, there is no difference between a C and S corporation, although they do share the same process of incorporation. However, each corporate entity is subject to federal and state taxes.

Wyoming Apostille

The Apostille is a paper issued by the Secretary of State that banks and other institutions may ask for if you intend to open an account with them. An apostille is accompanied by Articles of Incorporation or a certified copy of Articles of Organization.